Bedsit Poets
Edward Rogers is a founding member of Bedsit Poets

The Summer That Changed (Bongo Beat Records)

Notable Quotes: 

"The Summer That Changed is avant folk-rock featuring the tangled, hushed

vocals of both performers. Haunting tracks include 'February Kisses,' 'Simple

Twist of Emotion,' and 'Far From You'."  -->Boston Globe


"Absolutely beautiful" -Amplifier Magazine

"Heartaches 'n' harmonies from a duo that knows their jingle from their jangle."

-Mojo (UK)


"The Bedsit Poets deliver tender originals that have an early-sixties innocence."

-The New Yorker


"Edward Rogers and Amanda Thorpe spin out intricate, magical harmonies on songs that sound like a cold-weather version of the Mamas and the Papas, or maybe a lighter-hearted Greenwich Village version of Richard and Linda Thompson."

-Pop Culture Press


"A warm, glowing affair that celebrates the passing seasons ('February Kisses,' 'The Summer That Changed') and reflects on crumbling relationships...Reserve a place in your hearts for the beguiling Bedsit Poets." -The Sun (UK)


"Breezy folk-pop When this pair of breezy folk-pop songwriters gets together, mature is no pejorative at all." -Time Out New York

Rendezvous (Bongo Beat Records)

Notable Quotes:

"This is their autumn album, pensive, jazzier and more stylistically diverse. The charming harmonies of Amanda Thorpe and Edward Rogers (both of whom have released excellent solo cds this year) are still there, as are the virtuosic, thoughtful guitar of Mac Randall, and Nancy Polstein's tasteful drums and percussion work. But this time the band looks outside Rogers' and Thorpe's native England for influences ranging from 60s French ye-ye pop to Norah Jones."

-Lucid Culture


"The 60s vibe is still present, with some cocktail lounge, French pop and British folk overtones. The upbeat 'I'm In Love With A Girl' is an anomaly on a disc where ballads take center stage. It's still pop, and it's still a showcase for three very talented singers/songwriters/musicians." -Jangle On!


"...from French Ye-Ye to vintage country to bossa nova and jazz, all held together by the same fine songwriting and relaxed folk-pop aesthetic that the group is known for."  -Other Music


"Rendezvous is an album that's modest in scale, but its pleasures are not -- The Bedsit Poets created a set of songs that reveal both joy and gravity in their spare, low-key presentation, and it's a beautiful and often moving work." 

-All Music Guide


"Sweet elegant music, that runs somewhere between the Pretenders and the Kinks on the one side, and 60s French pop on the other"

-famous blue raincoats blog