Edward Rogers

"New Yorker Rogers lived his first 12 years of his life in Birmingham, which seems to have lent wry humour to his music - specifically this wondrous piece of elegiac glam rock (The Biba Crowd).  It's a kind of musical equivalent to Jonathan Coe's The Rotter's Club." -The Word Magazine

*Excited to announce that I will be opening for Colin Blunstone this May 2014 (Please Check Tour Dates here) in support of my upcoming new album, "Kaye." More details coming soon...
Now you can buy instrumental versions of Edward's latest album: Silent Singer...The Music of Porcelain.

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"Porcelain" (November 8, 2011, Zip Records) by Edward Rogers is available at:
iTunes, Amazon.com, and in NYC at Other Music
"Porcelain" is also released in the UK and Europe on Bucketfull Of Brains Records (via Proper Music).
Porcelain reveals Rogers’ edgier side (‘The Biba Crowd,’ ‘Separate Walls,’ ‘Diamond Amour’), with echoes of the softer side shown on his past recordings (‘The Silent Singer,’ ‘Nothing Too Clever,’ ‘Tears Left In The Bottle’).